Love in the time of Corona

April Diary

As the world slows down it is important to reflect on how beautiful nature can be.

We, at Hilton Park are continuing to prepare for a time when we are open again and welcoming guests near and far for family reunions, for friend get togethers, for team building sessions post Covid, or indeed to celebrate the best day of your life at a wonderful wedding. The time will come when we are all reunited together. We personally can not wait to wrap each one of our guests up in happiness and warmth.

We appreciate that finding positivity in challenging times can be hard. Putting health and wellbeing at the forefront is of upmost importance. To stay safe, stay home and to try to stay calm is what we need to do at this time.

Hilton Farm is a thriving natural environment where guests are always encouraged to be inspired by and engage in. Each year at this time over 150 lambs are being born on the farm, making it a very popular place to be. We are greatly appreciative of this grounding time when nature proves it does not stop for anything.

There is something wonderfully uplifting about spring in all its optimism, regardless of where you are; city or countryside. Witness blossom and spring flowers and of course the crescendo of birdsong each morning. It has a great ability to calm and relax us. While so many of us are cooped up indoors, isolating ourselves from others and trying our best to get through each day, spending some time enjoying nature can really help. Listening to birdsong is something that anyone can do it from their own garden or out of their bedroom window, and it’s an especially lovely activity to do with young children.

Right now, the dawn and dusk choruses are getting stronger evebeautiful bluebellsryday. It’s not necessary to know the names of the birds that are singing, or even why they are singing: we are simply asking people to immerse themselves in their world and to enjoy a wonderful, free, natural concert that can’t be cancelled. In these difficult times, we can take great comfort from the fact that nature keeps on doing what nature does best: surviving.

The signs of new life and of hope are everywhere around us. And now we have the ability and time to stop and listen.

On behalf of Hilton Park, our family and our team we wish you all good health. And very much look forward to a time when we can welcome old and new friends to Hilton Park to be surrounded by the one reassurance; nature; which we incidentally know stops for no virus.



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